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Add Our Voucher Code Feed & Start Earning

Our new voucher code feed offers your visitors the latest discount codes from a selection of top UK stores.

This is a great way for them to save some money and could make them return to your website again and again. The feed will not only enrich the content of your site, but is also a fantastic feature that will save your visitors money and at the same time, enable you to earn extra money from your website.

Flexibility to Suit Your Site

There are 15 different categories to choose from, including electronics retailers, fashion stores, travel companies, health and beauty store and many more, so you can ensure that your feed is specifically tailored to fit in with the rest of the content on your site.

Simply select your category and how many codes that you want to display on your page, and the feed will automatically pick up your website's styling, so you don't even need to change the way it looks.

Your commissions will be paid monthly by Paypal.

Top Five Reasons to Add a Voucher Code Feed to Your Site

  1. It's totally free.
  2. It will provide your visitors with the latest voucher code deals available from top online stores, including many large, popular brands.
  3. Each time a visitor clicks on one of your voucher code feed links, you will be paid 100% of the commission that is paid by the store.
  4. Track your sales and clicks online with your own dedicated control panel.
  5. Keep people on your site for longer and as the deals are updated daily, get more return visitors to your site.

About the Feed

The voucher feed compiles voucher code data for your choice of store category from our leading UK voucher code site Adding it to your website is a simple and easy process, which only takes a few minutes and requires no specialist technical knowledge.

Some important features include the following:

  • Fully compatible with HTML, PHP, Wordpress* and Blogger sites.
  • Automatically updates with new codes continously.
  • You can check keep track of your earnings online, whenever you like.

Style The Content to Perfectly Match Your Site.

The feed contains no 'style' coding, so when you include it on your page, the look and feel will be just like the rest of your site. You can add as much additional styling to the feed as you like.

Voucher code feed

Click here to view a live example of the feed.

Special Offer for a Limited Time Only

For a limited period we are running a special offer. Affiliates signing up during the special offer period will receive all of the commission paid by merchants for sales that are generated from their site - this is normally split 70/30 with Red League Media Ltd.

Sign up today if you want to take advantage of this generous special offer.

What Kind of Websites do we Allow?

With so many different categories of voucher codes to display, we are happy to work with a huge range of different sites from small fashion blogs and tech review sites to large news sites and everything in between. There are however a few exceptions. In order to maintain our good quality reputation, we will not work with any of the following:

  • Websites with pornographic content.
  • Websites containing violence or bad language.
  • Websites containing illegal or extremist religious content.

  • Please note that we now work with VAT registered entities. It is your responsibility to inform us if you are VAT registered.